Recycleur Membership Card

Freelance Project

The Client

Le Recycleur is a cooperative bicycle repair shop and association with two workshops, situated in Lyon, France. Their philosophy is to renew, reuse, recycle, and repurpose; to organize and fill with life the local cycling community; to educate members through workshops; and to be a point of reference for everything related to urban, vintage, and recreational cycling. The 1600+ members (and growing) come from very varied backgrounds and have very varied skill levels, which all make up for a layered and quite interesting community.

The year 2017 marks and will mark significant changes for the association: rebranding, relocation, nd the changement of structure and business model. The most urgent element in this change was to refresh the design of their membership card, the old 2016 design had the year printed on it and thus did not allow for a proper usage. Later in 2017 and early 2018, based on the new visual direction, potentially the design of other printed materials (flyers, banners etc.) and online assets will be required, but the work will only be launched as needed.

The work

Based on the key values and attributes of the association (vintage, recycling, a little grungy, rustic but warm), and the logo being almost unchangeable, I worked out a style evoking oll these elements and that replicates the feeling of the locales of Le Recycleur - a few scuff-marks and dents here and there, but friendly, lively, and open. The design fits well into Recycleur's aim of appealing to a wide public: "laymen" as well as experts, hipsters as well as mainstream cyclists etc.

The logo has been redrawn and some grungy wear-and tear has been added, as for the typography of the card, it is based on an existing prototype incomplete font set (available as an incomplete set under Creative Commons) thus requiring several added details and modifications.