Freelance Project

IRNIST is an association bringing academics and professionals invested in Sport Tourism together. The purpose of the association is to increase scientific knowledge in the field of Sports Tourism and the collaboration of interested parties. The aim of our work is to obtain local sustainable development thanks to Sport Tourism.
Sports tourism can be a powerful tool for local development in any country, region or town. However, the studies concerning this domain are still relatively few and focus mainly on one geographic area, town, or county. Rarely do studies try to compare the effects of a sports event on several places. The study of a sports event in a single town is like a chamber orchestra. The study of the same kind of event across several countries is more like a symphony orchestra. That is why all the research developed by IRNIST is at the international level.

The Client

The International Research Network in Sport Tourism is a young and growing non-profit network, founded with the purpose of reuniting academics, researchers, and professionals from the different sub-fields of the already specialized field of Sport Tourism. As seen in the quote from their President, IRNIST's aim is to facilitate collaboration on research or development projects, to motivate joint international projects, and to share best practices and serve as a knowledge-base.

As it's the case with many academics-oriented ventures, content is placed well before form on the importance scale of IRNIST. After major groundwork has been done and IRNIST was on its way, the network's administration decided that an appropriate identity (and later, a site - see other works) was warranted.

The work

After several discussions with IRNIST, in order to get to know their values, their idea of what they would like, and going through more specific elements too woth the help of some sketches, the following lines were laid down along which the future design had to go:

  • With sustainability in mind, blue and green were to be prioritized in the colors (Also, the colors chosen towards the finalizing of the logo design were those accepted as the palette for the IRNIST identity)
  • The values they wanted to visually communicate was internationality, dynamism, positiveness, and collaborative spirit
  • The design had to accomodate the easy incorporation of the IRNIST name, but also a usage without it should the text not be the integral part of the logo

After a lo-fi realisation of the possible sketches and directions, the preferred paths were chosen, and thorugh subsequent iterations culminated in a false-3D and a flat design path (see photo n°1 and n°2). Based on member and in-house feedback, the design with more focus on the dynamism and the people-side was chosen and refined into a final version with corresponding typography and different usage versions (for diferent sizes, ratios, and supports).

Other elements of the identity are a work in progress, and have a lower priority for IRNIST than the development of their website - which you can find here.