Garnier Body - Cellulitis Ruler

Work projects

The Brief

As their regular agency, at Sparkle Desgin Agency we had the opportunity to recieve a brief from L'Oréal / Garnier for a complementary "Cellulitis Ruler" that was to be packed with their anti-cellulitis products and also to be given away as a promotional material for the target group. Their aim was a plastic ruler that could help the users measure their current cellulitis level and, while using the Garnier products, the subsequent improvement.

L'Oréal is a company that is keen on vacking up its products' claims with verified scientific tests and other quantifiable research. On one hand, the ruler had to represent this point of view, on the other hand it had to convey the youthful, natural, relaxed and playful image of the Garnier brand. The technique, claim validation, and measurement methodology was one already approved and patented by L'Oréal, and the citrus fruit images were materials supplied by them. Their application, the layout, and the actual usage method was one to be designed with subsequent verification by them.

The Work

The first phases were free ideation on possible uses (exactly how the user can handle and place the ruler, with which side etc.), probable dimension limits, and possible materials to use. For the latter, in the concepts both polypropylene (either clear or white opaque) and some form of heavier paperstock were considered. These were sure to sustain repeated usage, and allowed for the requireddesign details. For the usage part, the exploration led us to different configurations, seen on the first four images (above, images n°1-4), with some versions enabling multiple types of use / reading:

  • Placing the ruler flat on the skin and examining/comparing the skin throuhg a transparency (n°1: v1-2-3; n°3: v2-3; and n°4: v1-2)
  • Same as above but examining the skin through a cutout (n°2: v1; and n°3: v1), which later proved to be aesthetically unadvantageous because of the protruding skin
  • Placing the ruler either flat on or perpendicular to the skin, and examining it near the ruler's edge (n°2: v2-v3; n°3: v2, and n°4: v1)

As mentioned, the cutout versions were abandoned, but regarding the other methods there was no method that was clearly better. As a result, the subsequent iterations went on with the aim to create a final version that allowed for both transparency readings as well as "side" (flat or perpendicular) readings. This resulted in a few pre-final variations (image n°5), and a final design (image n°6) seamlessly integrating all the features and elements that were regarded as positive.

The resulting, clear polypropylene product allows for any type of placement, thus enhancing user experience by correlating with multiple mental models without a manual needed. It also coveys well the natural Garnier look and experience by maximizing the realistic aspect of the fruits.

My contribution

  • Worked together on ideation with our design team, contributing to the ideas regarding layout, materials, usability, and finishes
  • Assisted in the convergent desgin phase, integrating the positive elements of each concept and eliminating those deemed unneccesary.
  • Handled all communication to and from the client, regarding timing, design, iterations, changes, usability, and production possibilities