Davidoff 1926 Elite - Limited Edition Magnum

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Imperial Tobacco is offering a new duty free exclusive, the luxurious new Davidoff Magnum Elite 1926. The rich packaging of this cigarette hints at the quality of the refined product inside, made of carefully selected Virginia tobacco. The Davidoff Magnum Elite 1926 is available in such limited quantities that the numbers are handwritten on each carton. The deep brown is highlighted with gold lettering, subtle European heritage details, embossed texturing and geometric design.

The Brief

In 2013 Imperial Tobacco started planning the launch of a numbered Limited Edition Davidoff Magnum pack, called Davidoff Elite 1926. The final product was available, as planned, during summer 2014 and only at select exclusive Duty Free shops in Asia and the Middle East, targeting the luxury market. In these chosen airports, Davidoff Magnum Elite 1926 was to be (and was indeed) displayed in a central location with the carton opened, and as such, this aspect of the packaging was crucial.

Purchase, unboxing, accessing the individual packs, and the opening of those packs were all experiences that had to be sensorially excquisite, unique - all the while conveying the rich heritage of the Zino Davidoff tobacco brand and the tradition and history behind it.

The planned name was 1926, representing "the year Zino Davidoff began his journey through South America, learning about tobacco, and the start of what later became one of the most famous brands of fine tobacco."

The Work

My contribution

The Davidoff 1926 Limited Edition project brief came into the agency only a few weeks before my departure from Sparkle Design Agency, and as such I only assisted the first few steps in the creation. The design was developed, finalized, and sent into production after my leave. The final product is presented on the last two photos of this gallery.

  • Research phase:
    • Conducted competitor research, overwieved previous Limited Editions, and assessed the special elements in the brand identity that qualified for being incorporated in a Limited Edition
    • Assembled moodboards and contributed to the internal brief presented to our team of designers
  • Design phase:
    • Worked with the design team in finding suitable packaging formats (opening method, option to display the magnum case, access to the individual packs), taking into account legal requirements for tobacoo packaging and ergonomics
    • Assisted the ideation phase with our design team regarding the unique textures and materials to consider mimicking on the cardboard packaging