Bannerwise logo - proposal

Freelance Project

The Client

Bannerwise is a young Dutch startup, aiming to offer a highly user friendly, comprehensive, WYSIWYG web-banner design and management platform for ad agencies and small companies. The launched product is a significant success so far, and the company recieved the Dutch "ING Startup of the Year 2015" award.

The startup is looking into potentially redesigning its logo and identity. This project is a speculative logo proposal in response to their exploration.

The work


Bannwerwise is looking for an identity that make them more unique and recognizeable, while still retaining key elements from their current identity. The key values are productivity, effeciveness, forward-thinking, and simplicity.

The original logo (see below) used the idea of different size ad banners, but recognizeability and readability is not optimal. The typography is clean and sleek, which was an element they wish to retain, and I aimed to enhance.

Current Bannerwise logo


Working with the base elements of the brand (color, typography), and taking into account the desired values, the idea was to retain the emphasis on the "b" initial, all the while aiming to incorporate more color, and also to create something out of the ordinary but at the same time ordinary enough to be easily read, viewed, and remembered.

The logo had to be compatible with multiple backgrounds (at least white and the brand's light-blue color), and in very different sizes. These lead me to design two different versions for the two usages and the respective sizes that usually goes along.

  • The primary logo being more refined recieved the brand's primary and secondary colors
  • With the app/site logo, due to it being used usually in a small size, my aim was a bolder but still readable "b". The magenta stem provides accent, recognizeability, and draws focus, without compromising the structure of a readable character