Affligem "Iconic" project

Work projects

The Brief

Heineken France in 2013 was looking for in-bar, brand-awareness-raising promotion opportunities for its Affligem beer brand. Affligem is a Belgian abbey beer brand, having a rich heritage and a long history, all of which were to be emphasize in the project.

The brief was a very exciting one, since it left ample room for creativity: it called for complementary sets (of several different objects) of any POS material that could be placed in different key areas of bars and venues.

The key elements were:

  • The use of the "trilobe", the tri-circular shape that can be found on many architectural solutions of the Affligem abbey built around 900-1000 AD
  • The focus on the long and exquisite history of the abbey, the traditional brewing process, their visual language and iconic elements
  • The POS-A material proposals had to be sets of multiple different items, all maximalizing brand presence in a bar, occupying key, visually important places in the space of the venues, and designed for that purpose
  • In the sets, some objects could be raising brand awareness, and other ones could be serving as a presentation of (or education about) the Affligem product range.

The Work

My contribution

  • Research phase:
    • Researched the background of the brand, including the history of the abbey and their brewing tradition
    • Conducted competitor research and assessed the brand identity
    • Assembled moodboards and an internal brief and presented them to our team of designers
  • Design phase:
    • Worked together on ideation with our design team, contributing to the ideas
    • Assisted in detailing and refining the original individual design ideas, and forming the different displays/items into cohesive sets
    • Conducted feasibility studies and gave technical advice regarding materials and technologies required for the different concepts (materials, production, lighting, etc.)


In the different axes of the designs, we decided to focus on slate and copper, recalling the rustic abbey walls and the brass of the brewing vats; on black wood and gold, mimicking the doors of the abbey and medieval cathedrals; and on red and black recalling the modern-day brand identity colors.

On all objects, one emphasis was put on visualizing depth, thus catching the eye, inviting to explore the detaild of the displays, and adding exquisiteness to their looks. The other focus, in one of the axes, was the use of fine textures: wood, slate, engraving, plating - all further contrbuting to a refined appearance of the displays